LMCR is an independent Italian law firm founded with the goal of offering a team of professionals able to provide quality advice thanks to established specialist experience and a modern approach to the profession.
 The founding partners of the Firm, who have all gained significant experience in leading domestic and international law firms, have chosen to continue their profession together in the field of  international legal advice of the highest standard, which is both modern and tailored to the new socio-economic context.
The partners of the Firm have entirely reconsidered their relationship with the client, enabling them to consistently  adapt to significant transformations that have strongly changed economic relations.  To this end, we have developed  a streamlined and proficient structure providing clients with assistance in any matter, guaranteeing professionalism, quality and punctuality.
The Firm therefore offers tailor-made solutions that are entirely consistent with clients’ economic and business goals.
International vocation has always been one of the distinctive features of LMCR. The Firm also works alongside clients managing their interests abroad, through the maintenance of best friendships with high-calibre foreign independent law firms chosen with care in order to ensure the same high quality standards as LMCR.
LMCR professionals constantly work in an international environment, assisting their Italian and International clients in matters ranging from the coordination of a legal team in foreign jurisdictions to advice on aspects of Italian law in cross-border environments.
Long lasting and personal relationships established with professionals working within our network of correspondents enable us to form integrated teams, capable of assisting the clients in a seamless and structured manner.




The strengths of the Firm are




Over 20-years’ experience gained in the field of commercial legal advice.

International know-how.

Academic profile of various partners and associates.



Internal organization conforming to best international standards.

Ability to work as a team with clients and experience in managing complex projects.

Reliability and accessibility of each professional.



Long-term partnership with the clients.

Result-oriented attitude.

Tailor-made approach.